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Bank Holiday Leaflet and POS

Bank Holidays are the best times for retailers to launch both online and offline deals. We’ve heard that consumers spend an average of £1.60 more per transaction in stores, and the extra governmental days holiday leads to up to 25% increase in online sales. The GM categories wanted to ensure they were pushing their best deals over the holiday period, and wanted everyone in store to know about it.

AAMp worked alongside the marketing department to gather imagery, price promotions and messages from a wealth of categories across GM to pull together the most informative multi page leaflet possible. Alongside the high volume leaflet, in store POS needed to be strong and eye catching from the store walkways. Designing a large standee of nearly 2 metres tall was clearly the most powerful message that we could get into stores. All standees were accompanied with A4 product and deal message posters within the Tesco brand guidelines.


  • 80%
    Point of Sale Design
  • 100%
    Leaflet Artwork
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