Interactive Screensaver: PC System Profiler and CMS Database

When asked where to put information to educate the customer on the fast-moving technology contained on a modern laptop, the answer was at our fingertips!

An intelligent screensaver provided the perfect platform to deliver cohesive information via a multitude of media. Our application was delivered in two formats. In the first instance we developed a software device that automatically interrogated the installed hardware, RAM, hard drive and processor.

The second version used a CMS Database system which allowed store staff to call up the specifications by simply entering the retailer’s existing product reference code. We added to this photography, video and animations to take the customer through an informative journey which educated and entertained.


  • 100%
  • 75%
  • 75%
    Software Testing
  • 90%
    Database Systems
  • 100%
    User Interface Design
  • 80%
    Statistics and Analysis