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Marks and Spencer: Customer Journey Animation

Customers are expecting more and more from high street retailers in terms of product, service and availability. Most customers can now easily access online channels to shop more conveniently, wherever they are, and they are expecting high street stores to keep up with their pace. The biggest challenge for retailers now is to ensure that their staff share the same passion for delighting every customer every day.

The customer strategy team got in touch with us to create an internal animated video on Connected Retail that would be used to inspire staff to engage with their customers every day and provide a view into the future of the customer journey. The video couldn’t last longer than 5 minutes and needed to inspire and educate staff on one of 2015’s hottest retail topics: delivering exceptional customer service.

With a quick turnaround and fast approaching deadline, the studio at AAMp got to work on an animation storyboard, researching into the history of Marks and Spencer as a retailer. Content and imagery was developed in house and, after liaison and approval from the client, narration needed to be recorded to determine the flow and timing of the animation.

“It’s been great working with you guys and you have all been awesome. I have shared the video with the trial stores and it has received a thumbs up from the store managers as a useful tool that can form part of a longer briefing to their teams. The HRBP in the region I am working with is one of the biggest fans.”


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    Storyboard Development
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    Content and Copywriting
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    Narrated Commentary
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    Video Animation