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Optimum Prepaid Card

PrePay Solutions asked us to create an animated video to explain the benefits of using their Optimum Prepaid Card. Some of the many advantages include easy budgeting and control over your finances – as you can only spend what you load onto the card. Another important benefit is that the card isn’t linked to your bank account so you can have total peace of mind when shopping online or over the phone.

The financial industry and its products are not generally perceived as being fun and interesting, so PrePay were keen to challenge this perception and inject a lighthearted feel into their animation. We were therefore tasked with creating a video that demonstrated all the great advantages of owning an Optimum Card, in a fun and engaging way.

We felt that a illustrated style would be most appropriate, with some humorous touches in the animation and voiceover, mixed with a playful soundtrack. We undertook research and analysis of the market, before creating the storyboard content and writing the script. On approval, we organized the voiceover and created the animation.

We are happy with the end result and so is our client –
‘Aamp creative took the challenging task of creating a marketing video for a financial services product and made it look very easy. The final video was better than we had anticipated and created a light hearted look at a complex product. We will be using Aamp’ services again in the future as we found the team to be incredibly thorough and responsive to our needs as a business!’
Flora Marchetto, PrePay Solutions


Have a watch by clicking the video screen above but if you would like to watch the video in full resolution you can always make your way over to our YouTube channel here.


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