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Quidity Plus Account Animation

The Quidity Plus Account is an alternative payment account with a Prepaid MasterCard. You load the Quidity Plus Account with money before you shop: so no nasty overdrafts. Use it to make contactless card payments, set up Direct Debits for subscriptions or make Faster Payments. It comes with a sort-code and account number, just like a normal bank account. And there are also an online account and a handy mobile app, to give you real-time transaction information.

Banking and finance services can often be confusing, with the benefits to the end users hard to decipher within the over use of technical language.

We worked with the teams at PrePay Solutions and The Mirror Group to create a Storyboard and Narration guide in the style of an Explainer Animation, we felt that this format was perfect for simplifying the information into the core benefits of the Quidity Plus Account. We opted to bring the card ID to the forefront by giving it the lead role in a journey that took the viewer through the uses and benefits of the Account.

View the new animation here: