Tesco Maintenance

Tesco Maintenance approached us to discuss their plans to create a new website. They wanted a site that could provide information about the company and the services.

The website would also work as an external marketing tool and a job vacancy portal.

We decided that the best way to fulfil their needs and keep site maintenance as simple as possible was to include an innovative, easy to manage, cloud based Content Management System (CMS). This system would allow them to update their computer from a desktop or even a mobile device.

It was clear from the offset that they wanted a fresh looking website that wasn’t limited by our preconceptions of the brand. Tesco Maintenance strives to ‘make what matters better, together’ through a simple set of brand values, something that was reinforced while constructing the website.

We focused our concepts around a Parallax Scrolling Website; a modern format of web design that uses html5. To keep with their ambitious vision of the site, we favoured a single page that scrolls to the appropriate section when each link is clicked.

We utilised elements of flat design, content sliders that work on both desktop and mobile sites and featured background images that appear to be 3D to add depth to the site. The culmination of these features gave the site a clean, modern feel.

The site was built using the responsive design technique, making it user friendly across devices, allowing Tesco Maintenance to update the site’s content on-the-go and removing the need to update multiple sites with new job listings.


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